Brand Display Area

The 6th China International Plastic Recycling Exhibition has a dedicated "Brand Innovation" public welfare exhibition area on site, inviting end brand enterprises in various fields who practice "innovative design, recyclable design, PCR application, participation in recycling system construction, plastic reduction and other actions" to participate in the exhibition

Brand Exhibition Area Value

1、Sustainable achievement display: Brand enterprises have made many changes and efforts, showcasing innovative achievements in professional exhibitions. Through the dissemination of professional and mass media, it is a good endorsement of brand enterprises' efforts

2、Enhancing the brand's image in the field of environmental protection: Sustainability, health, green, and environmental protection are the core elements of the brand culture of each brand enterprise. Participating in professional exhibitions can showcase the connotation of corporate culture and also reflect the specific practice of social responsibility

3、Promoting environmental protection concepts: Participating in the Plastic Recycling Exhibition can convey the company's environmental protection concepts and commitments to the public, enhance public awareness of the company's environmental image, and demonstrate the company's continuous attention, participation, and support for the recycling and recycling industry

4、By showcasing the environmental and economic benefits of recyclable packaging design, reducing plastic usage, applying recycled materials, and reducing carbon emissions, we aim to gain more partners and promote the development of our brand by showcasing our own technological strength and achievements

5、Explore Market trend: contact upstream and downstream enterprises in the field of plastic recycling through exhibitions to understand the recycling Market trend and other competitive brand actions, so as to better develop brand environmental protection market strategies

6、Explore new opportunities: Through exhibitions, learn about the latest technologies and trends in the industry, explore new business opportunities and development directions, and provide new ideas and directions for the future development of environmentally friendly products for brand enterprises

7、Establishing business relationships: Brand enterprises can establish business with more plastic recycling and recycled materials, find partners, jointly explore the market, and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise

8、Influence and change the public's perception of high-quality recycled materials, change traditional consumption concepts, and promote the establishment of sustainable development concepts that apply design innovation products and PCR materials to products, which are green and sustainable consumption behaviors. This will drive and influence other brand enterprises

Brand exhibition area display area location

Brand exhibition area location rendering

Event arrangement for brand exhibition area
1. Form of participation
① Enterprises provide products and display them uniformly in the brand area; ②: The organizer provides additional space and the enterprise builds it on its own.
2. Participate in the process
Determine exhibition intention (before September 10th), prepare exhibits (before October 15th), provide promotional materials (before October 15th), and mail exhibits (arrive at the exhibition hall before November 3rd)
3. Special Area Activities (Proposed)
Brand Enterprise Sustainable Development Forum, with venue and event planning provided by the organizer, where participating brand enterprises share their innovation in sustainable development and engage with upstream suppliers

Six major rights and interests of exhibitors

Complete and authentic display in a unified brand exhibition area based on the information and exhibits provided by the brand enterprise

At the exhibition site, receive professional interviews and reports from industry media and mass media

Communication and reporting by professional organizers on plastic recycling professional media before and after the exhibition

Each brand has its own practice and strategic planning for sustainable development concepts, and at such professional exhibitions, it is also a good opportunity to promote brand image. Can be displayed comprehensively in a separate exhibition area according to the brand's own style

Product display and corporate image display are both for public welfare, and the brand does not need to pay for venue fees

The independent exhibition area only needs to bear the construction cost of the image display. The sponsor will make a special speech for the brand enterprises that set up the independent display, to publicize their corporate strategy, packaging innovation and various efforts for plastic sustainability

Other exhibition areas and activities during the same period
On site meetings and forums:
1. The 28th China Plastics Recycling and Recycling Conference (Autumn 2022)
2. Textile Recycling and Recycled Materials Application Forum
3. Sewage Pipeline Forum
4. Forum on the Application of Plastic Recycling and Recycled Materials in Home Appliances, 3C, and Electric Tools
5. Forum on Plastic Sheet and Plate Technology Equipment and Application of Recycled Materials
6. PCR Modification and Application Forum
7. Plastic Packaging Recycling Forum
8. Brand Enterprise Sustainable Development Forum

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