The 6th edition

China International Plastic Recycling Exhibition

Nov. 8-10, 2023

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Exhibition Profile

ChinaReplas China Plastic Recycling and Recycling Conference&China International Plastic Recycling Exhibition, held twice a year in spring/autumn. Currently, the China Plastic Recycling and Recycling Conference has been held for 27 consecutive sessions. The China International Plastic Recycling Exhibition has been held for 5 consecutive sessions. ChinaReplas China International Plastic Recycling Exhibition has 250 exhibitors and 6000 professional visitors from dozens of countries including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Finland, Australia, South Korea, India, Lebanon, and Southeast Asia, covering an area of 10000 square meters.

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The ChinaReplas Plastic Recycling and Recycling Conference and Plastic Recycling Exhibition are two major events. The Recycling Conference is scheduled to be held every spring and the Recycling Exhibition is scheduled to be held every autumn. So far, it has been successfully held 27 times, covering over a million people in the industry and has a profound influence in the waste plastic industry

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With approximately 70000+vertical fans, we provide daily original consultation on the waste plastic industry, observe the development and evolution of the waste plastic industry with rational thinking and international perspective, and provide valuable industry information for the waste plastic industry

Plastic Recycling Lecture Hall

The Plastic Recycling Lecture Hall is jointly initiated by the Plastic Recycling Branch of the Synthetic Resin Association, the Asian Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Association, and the Waste Plastics Association. To gather and disseminate global knowledge, experience, and achievements on sustainable development of plastics, and strive to solve the problem of sustainable development of plastics in China and even globally

New observation of waste plastics - Mini program

Networking, information, industry activities, supply and demand platforms. Gather plastic recycling experts, discuss industry news, establish online libraries, answer various professional questions, and publish various problems that need to be solved

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