Conference agenda and topics

Forum A: 

Global Plastics Action--Opening the “Global Vision” of China's Plastics Recycling

Part I: The response of Southeast Asian companies under the new regulatory situation

1. Analysis of the situation of scrap plastics industry in Thailand

2. Problems and challenges faced by Malaysian scrap plastics industry

3. Status quo and future of the scrap plastics industry in Vietnam

4. Strategies for Chinese-funded enterprises in Southeast Asia to reverse the predicament

Part II: Investment opportunities and localized operations in developed countries

1. Investment opportunities in the United States

2. Opportunities for the UK to invest in the scrap plastics industry

3. Analysis of the development of recycled plastics industry in Western Europe

4. Investment in scrap plastics industry in Eastern Europe

5. Problems and opportunities in Japan's recycled plastics industry

ISRI\BIR\BVSE\EPRO\Global Plastics Alliance

Part : The industry in the eyes of capital firms--the observation of capital giants

1. Why do we choose to invest in scrap plastics firms----Olympus Capital Asia

2. The renewable resource industry in the eyes of investors----SinoOcean Capital

3. Capital and entrepreneurs grow together----WI Harper Group

4. Publishing a number of outstanding projects of the industry (Still in solicitation)

Part IV: Promoting the import of recycled plastic granulates and high-grade PET bottle flakes

1. Chaotic perceptions and regulatory problems under multi-party standards

2. Systematic solutions for problems in importing regranulates

3. Analysis of identification criteria for high-grade bottle flakes

4. Data analysis of imported regranulates

Forum B:

 Chinas Plastics Recycling Strategy--Building a Closed Loop for the Whole Industry Chain

Part I: Analysis of Chinas Three-year Action Plan for Plastics Recycling

1. Determining the principle of recycling--who manufactures should regenerate, who sells, recycle and who pollutes, pay

2. The recycling mechanism: the global practice of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system

3. The solution to the problems of recycling plastic bags 

4. Establishing a deposit recovery system for PET bottles and standard packaging

5. EPS mandatory recycling program

6. Plastic woven bag mandatory recycling program

7. Film packaging recycling program

8. The logic of agricultural film management and the response of agricultural film production firms

Part II: The starting point of plastic recycling (plan to invite)

1. DuPont


3. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

4. Exxon Mobil 

5. Covestro


Part III: Plastic recycling loop: modification and production

1. The concept of circular development of famous modification enterprises

2. Burden or opportunity, full recycling and recovery---the response strategy of plastic product firms

3. Certification of recyclable products using regenerated materials


Part IV: Successful Cases of Scrap Plastics Recycling ( One firm case will be solicited for one product variety)


1. Classic case of PE film recycling

2. PET recycling

3. PC recycling experience

4. PP recycling and application

PVC, PS, PA, high-temperature materials, etc. There will be a world-class firm introducing experience for each variety.


Part V: Sustainable Plastics Consumption


1. IKEA’s sustainable development strategy

2. Apple’s efforts in circular development

3. Unilever’s innovation

4.’s circular development concept

5.’s packaging innovation

Part VI: In the Polymer Age, everyone is not an outsider

1. The strategy of zero-discard alliance

2. Break off the Shackle” campaign is in action

3. Grassland Waste Brand Research Report by Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center

4. People's changes in the polymer era


Part VII: Cities: Innovative Solutions to Plastics Recycling (Still for solicitation in different regions)

Forum C: 

Technology changes industry, design brings about opportunities

Part I: New technologies, new equipment and new processes in recycling

1. A brand new change: the application of tensile rheology technology

2. Application cases of solid state shear milling  technology (S3M) in mechanical chemistry

3. Low-temperature processing, non-heating granulation technology (high value-added processing technology of engineering plastics and special engineering plastics)

4. Innovation of filter technology

5. Improvement of cleaning line efficiency

6. The next-generation crushers and shredders

7. Development of gasification technology equipment

8. Status quo of oilation technology


Part II: Design of Easy-to-recycle Plastics 

1. The key to green design of plastic products

2. Common problems and changes in plastics green design

3. Standards solicitation for easy-to-recycle PET bottles 

4. The design of easy-to-recycle plastic woven bags

5. Design of easy-to-recycle fishing nets

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