Developing countries have tightened their management of imported scrap plastics. The global trade of scrap plastics has encountered unprecedented challenges. We are witnessing changing traditional treatment methods dominated by exporting scrap plastics in some developed countries. Localized treatment has become a consensus in developed countries.

 China is a major plastics producer and consumer. The harm of plastics to the ocean and human health has become the focus of global attention. The Chinese government and central leaders are also paying close attention to this, and are stepping up efforts to formulate and introduce more effective policies. The task of responding to plastics pollution will be more urgent and arduous in 2019. For the plastics industry, China is studying and formulating a Three-year Action Plan for Plastics Recycling, by which the concept of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), namely, “whoever manufactures should regenerate, whoever sells, recycle, whoever discards, return and whoever pollutes, pay” , will be translated into a common practice in the plastics industry. It can be foreseen that the entire industry chain of China’s plastics production and recycling will usher in a revolutionary change in production and consumption pattern ranging from the synthesis of synthetic resin, material modification, plastic packaging and plastic products production to commodity circulation, consumption, discard and recycling.

 In order to help the scrap plastics industry better involve into the Belt and Road Initiative, look for an eco-friendly development path featuring harmony and win-win for the whole Chinese plastics industry chain to shift to recycling and provide a systematic recycling solution for various plastic industry chains, New Observation of Scrap Plastics, a new media public account on WeChat, China’s equivalent of Tweeter, will joint hands with government leaders, authoritative experts, professional associations at home and abroad, and the corporate executives in the whole plastics industry chain to host the ChinaReplas2019, i.e. the 21st China Plastics Recycling Conference on April 26-27, 2019 in east China, in a bid to explore ways in meeting the challenge of dealing with scrap plastics.

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