ChinaReplas2017 (fall) Exhibition / Conference

With China's most stringent environmental protection system proposed, the field of recycled plastics has undergone unprecedented changes in 2017 as scrap plastics imports will be completely banned and the domestic waste plastics environmental protection requirements greatly improved. 

Due to China's great changes, the original business ecology of the global waste plastics industry including China is overturned, business model is reconstructed and the new format cultivation is imminent. Subversive opportunities are falling quietly......

According to incomplete statistics, China will be short of nearly 600-700 tons of imports of scrap plastics and the domestic scrap plastics production capacity of 20 million tons need to be upgraded. With a wave of panic buying in domestic waste and tumbling global waste price, zero cost waste is around the corner!

With two hundred-billion market opened, scrap plastics industry ushered into a new round of investment feast! How to win the race in the hundred-billion track? Who will come out first in the new round of games? ChinaReplas2017 (fall) - 18th China Recycled Plastics Conference/ Exhibition will give the answer for you! On November 6th-8th, 2017, in Beijing International Conference Center. How can you miss the next hundred-billion market?

Review of the Last Conference --ChinaReplas2017 (spring) Exhibition / Conference

In May 2017, ChinaReplas2017 (spring) 17th China Recycled Plastics Conference/ Exhibition were grandly opened in District A, Hall 3, Modern International Exhibition Center, Guangdong, Dongguan!

As the top professional exhibition in the waste plastics industry, the exhibition covers an area of 5000 square meters, providing booths for 105 exhibitors and attracting 2300 professional audiences in the downstream application industry. The plastic recycling and regeneration conference held at the same time of the general assembly invited more than 600 outstanding entrepreneurs, officials and industry experts in the industry to participate. The conference was held with simultaneous interpretation the whole time, creating the most international conference in the industry.

Several senior government officials and many industry associations experts from the Resources Conservation and Environment Protection Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, Soil Division and Solid Waste Center Ministry of Environmental Protection, Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Supervision Division, Anti-Smuggling Bureau and Tariff Division of the General Administration of Customs were invited by the conference to attend the meeting.

ChinaReplas has been successfully held 17 times since 2006, becoming China's largest, most international, professional and policy-oriented exhibition of plastic waste with the longest history.

Upon every critical moment of the development of the industry, colleagues from the government, industry, enterprises and international community can always get to know the policy dynamics, feed back industry voices and learn advanced experience of peers through the conference, making a positive contribution to promote the development of China and even global plastic industry. 

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