The Scraps Plastics Sector has undergone dramatic changes in the Year of 2017. Field buzzwords such as “Disruption”, “Material Shortage” and “Industrial Reshuffling” capture the essence of the industry landscape. Meanwhile, there emerged a number of hot topics including “The huge changes of Chinese scraps plastics industry” and “Potential shifts of Southeast Asian importation policies” as well as cutting-edge technologies like “Disposal of scraps plastics in source region”, “Waterless cleaning technology”, “Non-heating, non-cleaning plastic films pelletizing/granulating technology” and “Tensile and rheology technology”.

There is still a large gap between the status quo of plastics recycling and reusing business and people’s expectation towards a pleasant, comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, the traditional scraps plastics industry is being re-interpreted and the global market is ramping up its rebuilding endeavors, allowing significant changes taking place in China, Southeast Asia, United States, Japan and Europe and the rest of the world.

The momentum of the profound industrial changes remains robust and is building up in 2018. Therefore, Division of Plastic Recycling and Reusing of China Synthetic Resin Association (CSRA) and People’s Government of Jieshou City will hold ChinaReplas2018 (spring) the 19th China Recycled Plastics Conference/Exhibition & China Jieshou Green Plastics Innovation Conference in Shanghai from 20th to 22nd April, 2018, in order to push forward China’s ecological civilization construction, provide systematic solutions to China’s plastics recycling and reusing business quagmire and rebuilds Scraps Plastics Sector in China and across the globe by providing Chinese “solutions” to address the global challenges stemming from scraps plastics. On that occasion, relevant Chinese government leaders, field experts and professional associations home and abroad and governmental leaders from foreign countries as well as senior executives from foreign companies will present themselves to give penetrating analysis on the profound, ever-shifting scraps plastics industry in China and the world, so as to pinpoint a pathway to rebuild the industry.

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